This site is dedicated to helping those suffering with chronic bladder problems such as unexplained frequency, pelvic pain, burning, or urgency and pressure.  I was one of those persons and I know the frustration when you are told there is no cure and no cause has been found.  It is very devastating!  I found help and by being patient and persistent found answers after frustrating visits to many doctors and disappointing treatments.

My help came through finding an article by Ruth Kriz, NP, who wrote her story for a newsletter detailing the diagnosis and treatment recommendations she received from a microbiologist.  His name was Paul Fugazzotto,  Ph.D.  Although he was retired he was continuing to work on his own to try to help patients using a culturing method that he had learned during his early training.  He later wrote a Laboratory Manual detailing his diagnostic methodology and an explanation of how he was able to isolate pathogenic strains of bacteria that are very often not isolated or reported by the traditional labs currently used by most doctors seeking answers to patient symptoms.  Although Dr. Fugazzotto has since died it is possible to purchase a copy of this manual.  Please see the final page of this site for ordering information if you are interested in more details.

I was fortunate to be able to call and talk to Dr. Fugazzotto based on contact information I was given by Ruth Kriz; and I subsequently followed his instructions on how to submit a urine specimen that he could culture.  He notified me of his findings that included the pathogen(s) isolated and a list of antibiotics that would be effective.  Fortunately my doctor was willing prescribe one of the antibiotics and I noticed improvement after only a short time.  From then on for the past several years I have been convinced that the broth method of culturing he used is much more accurate and dependable.  Later I asked a microbiology professor at a local university to observe Dr. Fugazzotto’s broth culturing method during a visit to this area and the professor assured me it was a perfectly valid test.  Apparently it had been used in the past but had been replaced by a faster but less intensive method.  This confirmation was reassuring to me and explained why local testing had not isolated my pathogen.

The foregoing is a brief description of my journey to find answers and assurances that I was on the right path in order to heal my symptoms.  I subsequently sponsored research in hopes of convincing others that Dr. Fugazzotto had made an important breakthrough that could be helpful in identifying a cause for the suffering many of us have endured.  I have included a description of the research and the results.

I am not a medical practitioner and this site is not intended to be used for actual treatment purposes.  I felt fortunate to have been in touch with Dr. Fugazzotto throughout several years and to have talked to him in detail about his theories and training.  I know he was dedicated to helping patients and I want to record my experience and to give well-deserved credit to him for helping me and many others.  He continued to work until he was over ninety years old.  Fortunately there is one commercial lab that continues to use the broth culture, United Medical Lab in Tysons Corner, Virginia, so others can still benefit from his findings.  However, none of this would have happened without the persistence he showed and the work of some of his patients to see that the findings have been communicated to others.  There are many who have contributed to this effort including his son and daughter, Trish Schuelte, Ruth Kriz, Kay and Duane Benton, and others who have been willing to share their stories in order to encourage new patients that there is hope.  In that spirit I have collected the following articles and information to add to what has been available.  He gave generously of his time to me and others and I hope this site will perpetuate his contribution to the cause.

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