IC Research-STAR Project


Team of Virginia Medical Researchers to Conduct Scientific Study to Investigate Dr. Paul Fugazzotto’s Bacterial Findings And Treatment Methods in Interstitial Cystitis Patients- STAR PROJECT

For some time now there has been considerable debate about the methodology used by Dr. Paul Fugazzotto, microbiologist, in the testing and treatment of Interstitial Cystitis (IC) patients. Contrary to most other IC researchers who believe IC is of non-bacterial origin, Dr. Fugazzotto believes that Interstitial Cystitis is caused by gram-positive bacteria, usually enterococcus. He also believes that the “quickie” agar cultures processed in labs today are not adequate in finding this pathogen. Using a washing and broth culture technique, Dr. Fugazzotto has identified enterococcus in 99% of the specimens sent to him by symptomatic patients (to date over 3000 specimens).

Consistency in the identity of the same symptom-causing pathogen in so many IC patients, coupled with the fact that there have been many documented (and undocumented) success stories from the patients of Dr. Fugazzotto, demands that his findings be investigated further. So far, in spite of numerous pleas from IC patients, there have been NO scientific studies that duplicate his work. Bacterial studies performed in the past by researchers did not use the same length of time needed: in doing broth cultures, treating the patients, and in prescribing the correct antibiotics or the right dosages. Those who suffer from this devastating disease deserve that such findings, which could lead to a possible cure for IC, be investigated properly.

We are very excited and pleased to announce that such a study, called the STAR (Solution To A Riddle) Project, is finally underway and being conducted by a professional medical research team in Virginia. Using Dr. Fugazzotto’s methods, this team will soon be testing local IC patients who have not had success using any other IC treatments. Participating in the research are Ph.D. microbiology and molecular neurobiology scientists, as well as a large independent urology practice whose own research department will oversee the testing of patients. The main focus will be to follow Dr. Fugazzotto’s broth culturing procedures on the specimens of those patients who fit the research study’s diagnostic criteria for IC. For those broth cultures in which a pathogen is found, a sensitivity test will be performed and the appropriate antibiotics prescribed. Patients will then be treated and followed over the course of several months and evaluated by the research team. As an adjunct to the broth culture, PCR testing will also be done on each specimen. PCR testing is based on newer technology using DNA.

Martha P. Foster, IC Advocate
Kay H. Benton, IC Advocate


  1. Katharine Winn says:

    How can I make contact with the Lab, I need to be tested!!!!!

  2. Jill Russell says:

    I’d like to have my urine tested. Please advise on this procedure. Thank you

    • Sorry I am slow but the site is still under construction. T answer your question – on your own you can send a specimen to United Medical Lab (unitedmedicallab.com) and click on Broth Culture. Follow instructions for preparation and mailing. Call if you have questions. They are located near DC and are the only lab in the US that does this test. Ruth Kriz, NP, is a good practitioner to work with if they find bacteria and you want treatment. Their report can be sent to Ruth if you are her patient. She works closely with them. The report will show all bacteria and which antibiotics are appropriate. Usually there is more than one. email me if you need help: mfmidlo@aol.com

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